Raise The Speed And Performance Of Windows 10 On Your Computer

Raise The Speed And Performance Of Windows 10 On Your Computer

If you have an up to date computer that runs Windows 10, you should already be getting good speed and performance. There are, however, some issues that can truly slow down your computer without you being aware of them. When you look through your desktop and settings you will find lots of ways to increase the speed of your computer. You are going to enjoy much better performance from Windows 10 when you use the tips that we are going to share with you in this article.

Your computer will boot up faster if you disable certain features, such as sounds that you hear when booting up. You can adjust your sound settings to eliminate such unnecessary sounds. This won’t affect audio when you play videos or visit websites with audio, it will only disable the Windows-related sounds such as you hear when starting your computer or when clicking on or closing applications. Search indexing is something else you can disable to improve performance, unless you feel like you’d miss this feature for some reason. To find this, just go to the search box and type in “index” and you’ll see the indexing options control panel. Among the many features that you might consider shutting off for faster performance is Active Desktop. When Active Desktop is working, it shows you selected web pages before you even launch your web browser. You have to ask yourself if you’d rather have this capability or have your computer run faster. It really comes down to being able to view a web page a few seconds sooner than you ordinarily could. There are other ways to bring up sites rapidly -make one your home page, bookmark any others. Colors use up RAM on your computer, so if you want Windows 10 to run faster, set your desktop background to a single color rather than the more complex default color scheme. You can reset the colors by choosing “personalize” on your desktop options. Each feature that you disable frees up some memory, though if you only make a single change, the difference might not be noticeable.

Fonts are very fun to use, and many come pre-installed with Windows 10 – unfortunately these become clutter on your computer. The total number of fonts is actually in excess of 100, however you will only use a handful of them at best. If you do a lot of word-processing on Windows, specifically using Microsoft Word, your computer will slow way down. Computers with too many fonts simply will load slower, even reboot slower because they are on the system. Your computer will slow down dramatically if you add more fonts than the ones preinstalled. You can improve your computer’s boot time and performance are removing these fonts from your system. Windows programs use fonts regularly, so be cautious when removing them from your system. It is important that you do not remove fonts that you use on a regular basis. There are quite a few ways to make Windows 10 faster, and it’s up to you to decide what’s appropriate for you. Don’t go overboard and start deleting and disabling features and programs that you frequently use.

The speed of your computer depends on many factors, and the suggestions we’ve made are just a few of the possibilities. For more information, we recommend you speak to Pisys.net -one of our dedicated support partners.

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